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Seems like our hotline team is taking another collective power nap right now. But don’t worry, you can still get in touch with us by mail or by filling up the contact form below. You’ll also find a summary of frequently asked questions further down the page that might answer your question even quicker.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

About the Mobile App

When will the app be released?

A couple of weeks from now. Sign up here to be notified.

What platforms will it be available for?

At the beginning for iOS and Android, but there’s more to come.

Is there a way to test the app for free?

Yes! No account or credit card needed for the first 30 days.

How much does a premium subscription cost?

Click here for more about the monthly, annual and lifetime subscription.

Where can I learn more about the ten daily questions?

Here’s an overview over the ten questions you can answer every day.

What kind of updates are planned for the future?

Apart from design improvements mostly new platforms. Click here for more.

Does the app have a dark mode?

Don’t worry about your eyes or battery - dark mode is waiting for you.

Can you notify me about the release?

Sure! Click here to sign up for this notification only - no marketing spam.

Is there a way for me to request new features?

There’s no public wishlist yet, but you can always use the form above.

About the Daymond Journal

Has the journal already been released?

Yes! The Daymond Journal is available since 2020.

Do I have to pay for shipping or taxes in addition to the price?

Nope. All costs are already included in these prices.

Can I order the book from anywhere around the world?

If the delivery service can reach you, the journal can too.

How long does the shipping take to my country?

Anything between 2 days to Germany and 10 days outside of Europe.

For how long can I use one of these journals?

For 100 days if you don’t skip any days and fill up all 100 pages.

What’s the differences between the three books?

The content is the same, they just look different - learn more here.

Can I give my journal back if I change my opinion?

Yes, unused journals can be returned for free withing 30 days.

What’s the price for each of the three books?

19.99 €, 24.99 € and 29.99 €. Learn more about the differences here.

About Book Insights

I can't afford the app - what can I do?

You've got the chance to support us on Kickstarter to get 50% off.

Does it cost anything to read Daymond Book Insights?

To read, watch or listen to them is free. All other features cost a couple bucks.

What platforms are they available for?

The app, this website and many social platforms linked here.

What's the different formats of book insights?

Text, Audio, Comic Quotes and a couple weeks from now videos too.

What kinds of books are covered with this platform?

All sorts of non-fiction books. Click here for a few examples.

Can you notify me about the app release?

Sure! Click here to sign up for this notification only - no marketing spam.

Is there a way for me to suggest a book?

If you’ve got a book the world should know about, click here.

What phones will the Book Insights app be released on?

For the beginning it's all Android and iOS devices, but there's more to come.

Is there a way to contribute to the development?

If you can convince us about it, we will find a way.

What kind of updates are planned for the future?

Too many to list them here, but the newsletter will let you know.

Is there a way for me to request new features?

There’s no public wishlist yet, but you can always use the form above.

I'd rather read on paper than on my phone - what can I do?

The summary collection might be what you're looking for.

About Other Topics

Can I somehow support your team remotely?

Since we’re all working remotely, take a look at the career page.

What are the prices of all the different products?

On this page you’ll find the prices of everything we have to offer.

Why did I read about a feature that’s not yet available?

Product development takes time - the newsletter tells you how much.

How do you use cookies and third party analytics?

Click here to find out more about how cookies are used on this page.

How can I be sure my personal data is secure?

By taking a look at this page and also the imprint.

Is there an overview over all of this websites pages?

Too much content? Take a look at this sitemap we’ve prepared.

Where can I find your corporate design for press publications?

Everything from the logo to app screenshots can be found here.

Can I sign up for a newsletter about specific topics only?

Yes! Check the topics you’re interested about and ignore the rest.

How big is the team working on all of these projects?

Currently we’re about 20 people from all around the world.

Is there an up-tp-date list of open job positions?

Sure, right here. We’re looking forward to your application.

Are the journal and the book insights part of the same app?

No. It's two separate apps with two separate subscriptions.

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