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Daily Questions


Answer some questions about the most diverse topics to questions your own beliefs and form more mature opinions.


Develop Your Mindset

Can you remember some of your opinions and beliefs from five or ten years ago? If that’s the case, some of them may seem rather naive, maybe even childish today. You probably also remember how convinced you were of many of your ideologies back then. You may have looked back on your childhood and realized how progressive and therefore correct your opinion had to be, now that you have developed so quickly. And yet, today you are once again at exactly the same point: you are amazed at the development of our mindset over the past few years, but at the same time subconsciously believe that this is the end of this journey. That you no longer need to adjust your opinion in a big way, now that you’ve experienced pretty much all there is to life.

The older we become and the further we fall into this pattern of thinking, the more it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: We believe to know everything and prefer to close our eyes to new insights rather than expose ourselves to the danger of having to radically change our opinion once again. The best way not to limit your own future with such blinkers is to constantly question your own opinions. The daily questions in the app will help you do just that. That’s where you can not only add your own questions, but are also asked about topics that you may have subconsciously avoided up to now.

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