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Daymond Diary


Memorize important moments by writing a diary without actually writing: with images, sketches and voice recordings.


Review Your Day

We are often so busy and stressed out that sometimes we cannot even remember what we had for lunch today. There are probably more interesting events in your life than your lunch that you would like to remember, for which one possible solution would be to write a diary. Unfortunately, the only adds to the original problem - your stressful everyday life. Who today has the time and patience to sit down for an hour or more every day to document his or her whole life?

Fortunately, your smartphone offers a few features that go beyond writing boring text. In combination with Daymond, a diary has been created that outshines all pen and paper. By adding sketches, voice recordings, pictures and videos that you already have on your phone, you have a freedom similar to letting your thoughts run free on a blank canvas. And what does all this have to do with the development of your personality? Apart from the calendar and the interesting statistics, the daymond diary has an even more important reason. We tend to do particularly smart or - in most cases - not so smart things without being aware of it in the heat of the moment. But by recalling the most important points of our daily routine, we can become very aware of this very well. This way we are much more likely to repeat productive activities in the future and avoid those that didn’t bring us any further.

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