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Daymond Exclusive

29.99 € - Taxes and Shipping included

daymond journal product image corner.jpg

Not uncreative book title or brand advertising, just a clean leatherette cover available in three beautiful colors: blue, green and red.


Make your success journey even more colorful with the premium or exclusive journal where every single page is printed in full color.


Stitching each page together by hand ensures that your journal looks the same on day 100 as on day one and makes it lay flat on your desk.


Say goodbye to battered corners and hello to the most beautiful and durable journal you’ve ever owned with a set of golden book corners.


A so-called headband is glued to all of our books spines, making it even more beautiful and at the same time protecting it against dust.


With a neat little reading tape attached to your journal, forgetting where you stopped the day before is no longer an excuse for being lazy.

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