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Emotion Manager


Emotions are hard to master, but only until we know where they are coming from - something this question helps you to do.


Get Behind Your Emotions

Even if emotions seem to have their origin somewhere deep inside in us, we often find ourselves struggling with the question of where they actually come from. How easy must it be for babies who cry at one moment as if all hope is lost, and laugh again seconds later without any apparent reason? But more importantly, who said that we don’t have the same ability, the same superpower later in life? All we need are the causes that evoke a certain emotion. In most cases, it is not at all the case that our mood arises from some barely comprehensible thought. These thoughts are only the result, while the cause lies in a variety of external circumstances. Not recognizing this cause does not mean it doesn’t exist. Or have you ever thought about the influence the wall color of the room you spend most of your time in has on your psyche?

Unfortunately, there are too many of such details to simply decipher them by walking through life with open eyes. What we need for a viable result are two things: cause and effect. The latter we can easily find out with the emotion tracker, which this daily question offers. And what could be a better cause than the information with which you answer the other nine questions? The result of this combination is a set of meaningful statistics that will help you understand the origin of both your positive and negative emotions and to adjust your daily habits and activities accordingly.

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