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Goal Manager


Already giving up on your New Year's resolution? A way to avoid this is to think about what you’ve done for your goal every day.


Focus on the Finish Line

Long-term goals are a deceptive thing. Everybody knows that it is good to have goals, so we follow this common sense, for example by setting ourselves the goal of becoming successful or losing weight — preferably as a New Year's resolution. After a few months, this so-called "goal" will, at best, still be buzzing around somewhere in our thoughts, but even more likely we have already forgotten about it. Don’t worry, that doesn't mean we have to be guilty of anything, because smart as we are we have neither a deadline nor an exact value in the form of any number. So if we lose a few grams sometime next decade, by definition the goal is reached.

To block this convenient but damaging way out, we need three ingredients: A deadline, a clearly defined goal including numbers and units and a daily reminder to avoid losing sight of our goal line in everyday life. This is exactly where this goal manager helps you: By adding your goals and assigning a deadline to each of them, you can click on the ones you have come a bit closer to every day. Not only will you be more motivated, but you will also get an idea of how far away the next goal line in your life is and which one might require a little more effort.

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