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Habit Manager


Build positive habits by tracking them on a daily basis. And even more importantly: break the negative ones.


Willpower is Not the Solution

If you are a human, you hate any kind of change as much as the next person. Stopping to smoke cigarettes, starting to work out every day... it’s just more comfortable to stay where you are. But have you ever looked at this universal problem from the other side? Could you imagine it would be more comfortable to keep eating healthy and keep working out just because that’s what you are used to? An often unconscious but common misconception is, that if you want to start working out daily, it will cost you willpower every day until the end of your life. If that was the case, we wouldn’t be able to reasonably perform in more than one or maybe two areas in life — which a lot of people obviously do. While it is true that pure discipline gets you started, habits are what keeps you going — the good ones same as the bad ones.

What this habit manager helps you do is to successfully bridge the time in which you depend on your discipline. All you have to do is to choose between building a good or breaking a bad habit and select how often you want to repeat it within an individual period of time. For example: Your goal is to work out at least five times every week. Now take a look at your progress every day and before you know it, all you may need is some willpower to avoid overtraining.

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