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Mood Wheel


Select your wellbeing on a scale from one to ten every day and get eye-opening insights into the causes for your mood.


Discover Mood Patterns

Figuring out if your day was great or horrible is no rocket science and certainly needs no app. It’s still important however, because it’s the first step in finding out how to have less of the horrible and more of the great days. Fortunately, this first step is all you have to do, because everything else is the mood wheel’s job. By tracking your mood day by day on a scale from one to ten, it’s easy to find out what actually caused your emotions. That’s because — assuming you answer some of the other questions too — there’s a lot of information about any particular day and within just a couple of weeks, you’ll see some surprising patterns emerge. Some habits or activities that always result in a bad mood, or some goals you work on that cause a good mood every time.

Even without tracking anything else, you’ll be able to see the short- and long-term development of your mood in the statistics, allowing you to detect your own patterns. If your mood is always at it’s peak at the weekends, you might think about how much fun you still have or don’t have at your job if you are honest to yourself. If your mood always wears off during the winter months, you might think about striving for a vacation home in a warmer country. Both are examples of connections we overlook in our busy day-to-day lives all too often.

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